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Sep 11, 2014
Dear Access experts,

Would like to ask your help.
I'm building a dbse in Access 2013 to centralize certain data about the vessels we are managing.
I want to get rid of the dozen of excel files, with incomplete and or
duplicate information, and consolidate all information into this dbse.
One of the informations is about the equipment on board, for example Vessel Vogue has 1 lifeboat on board brand Norsafe, type X650N with serial number NSX61387901.
Vessel Torque has 2 lifeboats on board brand Norsafe, type C25CT, SN NSC25684-C and NSC25685-C.
Vessel Nibia has 2 provisioncranes brank Hyundai, type CRX50, SN 5689 n 5690. Vessel Nibia has 1 lifeboat brand Viking, type VK200, SN V1356-M.

I made following Tables:




I'm having problems creating a form for entry though, keep getting confused about this.
I'd like to be able to enter data on the form through dropdown boxes.
Select the vessel, and then the equipment and based on the equipment already get a filter on the brand and type. In the example hence, select as vessel Vogue and as equipment lifeboat and then for brand only get the brands for this equipment (Norsfe, Viking) and for type only the type for this selection.
The latter: "based on the equipment already get a filter on the brand and type", is where I'm stuck, I know how to make a dropbox and have seen examples on how to cascade two comboxes but I'm stuck.
Is my table setup wrong for this to work?

Appreciate your help, thanks.
From the nature of your question I think this is probably your best approach as it takes advantage of the methods available to MS Access. With regard to adding more sorting ability when you are choosing a lifeboat or some other resource, then the best approach would be to have a pop-up form, a form that pops up when you double click the combo-box ResourceID.


Thank you Uncle Gizmo!

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