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Dec 8, 2007
Hi all,

I have an issue (Probably created to my bad database infracstructure) but it's only a luxury thing I'd like to do anyway...

This is something that is similar to the filter one combo box based on another one, but with a difference. (I think).

I have a Form with the following controls:

Currently, 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place fields/controls are a look up to display an Entrant and so the record source is as follows:

SELECT [qryEntrantPerson].[idsEntrantID], [qryEntrantPerson].[numEntrantNo], [qryEntrantPerson].[lngzPersonID], [qryEntrantPerson].[lngzShow], [qryEntrantPerson].[idsPersonID], [qryEntrantPerson].[Name] FROM qryEntrantPerson ORDER BY [Name];

However, what I want to do is only show the entrants who have entered that particular class. so that I don't select someone who hasn't entered and thus screw things up.

Obviously, this record source doesn't have anything to do with the "lngzClassID"

The Control source for lngzClassID is:

SELECT [qryClass].[idClassID], [qryClass].[Class], [qryClass].[chrClassNo], [qryClass].[chrClassName], [qryClass].[lngzSection] FROM qryClass ORDER BY [Class];

I have attached the database to this question as it is difficult to explain how everything interlinks.

The query holding info on who has entered what per year is qryShowEntrantClassPoints

I look forward to your responses.

I'd imagine i'd need to run a query or two, and then filter on this but I don't know how to do it.

I do all my programming in VBA, it's probably dirty and inefficient but due to the amount of time this database will be used, it is not important at the moment.


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