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Mar 14, 2017
I know that you can delete a post, permanently or temporarily, but that wasn't obvious for the post in question. I didn't toy with visibility. I don't even see how you would make a single post "hidden" but when I went to edit it, I didn't see any indication that anything was "different" about it.

Again, apologies for editing your post, @Isaac, but we had an objection on security grounds. I hesitated because to me it was barely on the fringes of being a hack-type response. But two others agreed it was just barely over the line before I decided to act. So don't worry about it having any effect on your account. Let me say this: If I was wrong in editing the post at all, it was because I erred on the side of caution.
Yeah TDM, I get it, it's no worries. It's one of those policies that probably "has" to be there, but has it's downsides too, because it means anyone claiming "this can be hacked" at "such-and-such level of ease", well there is no way to answer them, or get to the bottom of the explanation or provide any more total clarity, so it prevents us from having a robust discussion technically speaking.
BUT that's a downside - I get that it is probably a necessary evil to protect AWF. Totally forgot that it might be objectionable when I posted it, I forgot how sensitive UA and AWF are to such things. No worries. You know "my heart" as they sometimes say.

On to cleaning the garage. Today is bulk pick-up day. Unfortunately most of our "junk" is still 'we need that!' for something or other. lol


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Feb 28, 2001
Good luck. Since we are having work done on our house, the bulk pickup is taking bad lumber scraps away and our cans are too full for the normal pile of schmutz that we would throw away.

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