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Nov 20, 2021
I created 2 tables. One housing a list of all the Names we have, the 2nd is a table for reports "made" for the different Names we have. From there I created a Query using data from both these tables. Mainly the naming conventions fields from the Names Table and essentially all the fields from the Reports Table.
With Wizard I created a form based on my query's information so that the naming conventions auto-populate. when the Name control has the drop-down, the user selects and the information pops up. The second have of the form a user would enter the details in the controls that match the fields in the Report Table and save.

The problem. Form DATA for the most part populates the fields in the Report Table, except for the 2 naming conventions that auto-populate in the forms. So I have all the report DATA fields but I don't have First Name or Last Name in my report table. However, the query has all the data when I run it.

I don't have any calculations in my form. I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with the control source and I am wondering If I should have not created a form from a query as it's not relaying the information back to the reports table completely.

Does anyone know where the blip was?


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Aug 30, 2003
The reports table should not (normally) contain a field for the name, only the ID. You get the names via query as you have. If you try to save the name, you've got a problem when someone changes their name. When you only store the ID, you always get the correct/current name when you run reports.

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Feb 19, 2002
You need to post the SQL for the query.

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