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Jan 16, 2019
Hi I am a new user to the forum!

I currently work with creating forms for wire instructions.

I will try and lay out the different tables and how they relate.

Essentially it is very simple, there are multiple acounts with all basic information and each account has separate wire instructions for different types of currency.

So on my form I have the it set up to auto fill the form with all different details for each wire instruction. One form has all the different types of instructions.

The problem I am encountering is that some accounts don’t have instructions for some different currency’s. (Usd, euro, gdp) so some might have usd and euro but not gdp.

So when I put an account at the top of the form to auto fill the form I get a blank window because I’m assuming, the form can’t find data to fill so its just erroring out.

I’m wondering what sort of function or macro I need to put that will just leave that section of the currency that the account doesn’t have blank.

If that made any sense I would appreciate the help.


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Oct 29, 2018
Hi. Welcome. Are you able to post a small copy of your database with sample data?

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