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Yesterday, 19:02
Sep 11, 2019
Hi new friends! I am very new to access. I am attempting to make a documentation tool to track member activities.

After searching for member, I bring up a member profile.

Here is what I can't figure out.
I want to free type information about that member and save and close it.

But I want it to them be transferred to a list box to I can retrieve and review later. I will have multiple notes on each member. and for encounter I have it want it to show separate below.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I was thinking a bound text box and a list box embeded in a tab as a subform to my form?? I have my main member profile table.

Access is hard. You guys (and gals) are amazing and I look up to each one of yall!


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Yesterday, 16:02
Oct 29, 2018
Hi. Welcome to AWF! What you're describing seems to be a one-to-many relationship between the member's profile record and your notes. If so, I would suggest storing the notes in a separate table and use a subform to enter then in the member's profile form. Hope it helps...

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