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Jan 23, 2006
I am attaching a draft model.
The yellow boxes represent the Trailer/Machine including the Type and Model. The orange box identifies the "Ordered" product. To deal with the Order vs the stock and/or prototype, I added CustomerType(blue box). The green boxes represent your Parts and Component Inventory. This and the TrailerMachine Model identify all Parts required for the Model. In addition the Parts and Components and the Model Options chosen identify the Parts required for the chosen Options.
So, it seems that the OrderedProduct info along with the Parts required for the Model and the Parts required for the Options make up the major part of the Buildsheet.

[I did not deal with the external supplier of parts or components, nor any hierarchy of parts --that seemed to be something you did not want]

I hope it is useful to you. As I said it is a draft that you can adjust - test - adjust -test... until it meets your needs, or helps with whatever you have so far.

Good luck.

Another (after)thought @ jul 21/2016, based on PM

the buildsheet is probably a report or form with various parts and quantities populated with code/queries behind the form.


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