Help with using ADOX to Set TableDef connect property in foreign DB w/out actually connecting (1 Viewer)


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Dec 27, 2017
Developing a relinking tool, and want it to cycles through the linked tables and point them to a different dbase on a different path, these are DAO connections to other databases located on paths that the user of the relinking tool will obviously not have. For instance before the connection was to an 'mdb' file which got upgarded to an 'accdb' file and we need to tweek that path in the .connect property w/out calling the standard .refresh which will cause and error because the locaiton from which this is being attempted cant see the path it's setting at the moment. using ADO to change DAO. Planning to go down the Allen Browne path in his good article at thought ? Has anyone done this ? specific experience with adox.catalog that coudl short cut my research and dev time ?
Possibly because filename changes (different file extension) have to delete links and create all new.
ok but i want to do that without having to call .refresh - the person perfomring this action with the tool, WONT have access to the paths where the target dbases are stored, a lot of them are on individual docuement folders etc - that is why i need to use ADOX
Sorry, I don't understand: "user of the relinking tool will obviously not have" - not obvious to me. I've never seen relinking code where path is not available. How can a link be established if the path cannot be followed? I have seen setups that establish links when end-user opens db; however, to test code would need to be able to follow path.

I've never used ADOX coding but don't see how Allen Browne code would be pertinent to your issue.
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I have a relinker form that handles multiple BE's but you still need to provide the path to the new BE.


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