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Mar 30, 2022

My institution is digitizing the archives and saving images in a Google Drive folder with access set so that only users in our local network can view. I'm working on a database to house all the archival data, but the hyperlinks to images don't work on Access, even If I'm signed in to the Google account that is the owner of the folder on Microsoft Edge. I get an error message that reads "Unable to open . Cannot download the information y... or semi-restricted files on Access? Thanks!
Are you using a hyperlink field? How are populating it?
Yes, using a hyperlink field. It is populated via a form where the user pastes the hyperlink in. The link is displayed in its actual form, so no need to use display values. I've tested this with all kinds of links: to random websites, to unrestricted Google folders, and to local file paths. All those links worked without issue. But as soon as I try a link to s restricted Google folder (while signed in on MS Edge, with Edge set to default browser), I get the error message copied above.
In the end there is a Link, a Web Browser and a Google account. If you open the Edge browser yourself (not with Access) and you paste the Link, can you view the contents?
You say it is hyperlinks to images... Where do you want to show the images? on an image control from Access or on the Browser?
Correct, the error is coming from Access. Sorry if that was not clear from the initial post.
You say it is hyperlinks to images... Where do you want to show the images? on an image control from Access or on the Browser?
I would like to show the images in an Edge browser window. This works for every link I've used except the restricted link.

Ultimately I'd also like a thumbnail image to display on the form too, I'm looking into an API for that.
You need to authenticate yourself from the browser control then. Once you are authenticated, the session persists while the app is running.
Literally the first thing I tried. I'm signed in on Edge, I've got an Edge browser window open, I've even tried with the Google Folder in question open. Doesn't make a difference, same error message every time.
You're not authenticated from the web browser control, that's where you should be authenticated, not the regular Edge window. There is an Edge session within Access and it's different from your regular Edge session.
For example, try to add two buttons to the form where your web browser control is. With button 1, set the control source of the web browser to Google's authentication window for Drive (and authenticate yourself there manually, you can automate it later, this is for testing). With button 2, set the control source back to the image.
Whoa, that's news to me! I haven't been using a Web Browser control, I've only had a text box displaying the hyperlink. I'll fiddle with the web browser control tomorrow morning. My work day is done in two minutes!

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