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Aug 20, 2010
I eventually found the problem. In that form I had a Mouse Down event that I overlooked in a different module than my original post. In that module I had two lines:

EmailLU2 = DLookup("", "[Email for Receipt]", "[LotNbr]= '" & Nz(EmailLU) & "'")
OwnerLU = DLookup("[Owner]", "[Email for Receipt]", "[LotNbr] = '" & Nz(EmailLU) & "'")

I changed them to:

EmailLU2 = Nz(DLookup("[Email]", "[Email for Receipt]", "[LotNbr]= '" & Nz(EmailLU) & "'"), "")
OwnerLU = Nz(DLookup("[Owner]", "[Email for Receipt]", "[LotNbr] = '" & Nz(EmailLU) & "'"), "")

After making the change, the error message went away.

Thank you all for your continued help and support. I reserve the right to get a little smarter every day. Thanks again.

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