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Jan 13, 2008
I get a file saved systemically, which i would like to link into.

When i try to link, the file fails, When i open the file, I get a warning which states " the file format and Extension of ''X'' don't match. The file could be corrupt or unsafe, Unless you trust is source don't open it. Do you want to open it anyway ?".

When i open the file - it opens and is not corrupt.
If i go to save as, it automatically tries to save as a "Single File Web Page".

any thoughts on what i can do to link into this file - apart from open the file and save as a ".xlsx"


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Apr 9, 2015
you can just alter the extension to the other one....if .xlsx ,change to .xls
Excel gets crabby when access saves it in 1 format with the wrong extension.

always export using early format ,
docmd.TransferSpreadsheet ,acSpreadsheetTypeExcel3 : to .xls

or newer
docmd.TransferSpreadsheet ,acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml : to .xlsx

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