Linking two backends together


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Kindly help with this; I want to link a backend BE to another backend BE and make a single frontend FE interact with these backends BE.

Is this possible? if yes, how do I start.

This is required because I want to separate a large data (repository) from the others, however, the data I am separating is useful, and reference can be made to it anytime.


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Hi. The way you would normally do it is you would link the single FE to the separate BEs. Even if you link the first BE to second one and then link the FE to the first BE, including the linked tables, you will still end up with one FE linked to two BEs.


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I'm with theDBguy on this one. I would advise against having a "series" connection and would suggest instead that you have two parallel connections. The 2GB limitations would apply either way and you can have up to either 16 or 32 such connections open at once. But having the A to B to C connection will perhaps be slightly slower than the (A to B, A to C) connection. Regardless of how you do it, you need linked connections in A if A is your front-end. Having C's tables in B doesn't automatically make them available in A. But if you do the parallel connection, you only have two links. If you do the series connection, you have the A to B and B to C connection plus the (A to C through B) connection, because the tabledefs that describe the connection MUST be in A to be used by A.


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And to go further, there could be many BEs, I guess limited to the maximum number of objects in an Access db. Though I can't conceive of any practical situation requiring hundred or more BEs. I had one application which had 3 BEs.


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In common with the previous answers, I agree that you should use several BEs all linked direct to the FE.
I frequently have 3 or more BE databases. One of my schools apps has 7 in all - 3 SQL Server and 4 in Access as well as linked Excel and CSV files.

In fact you don't really have a choice. It isn't possible to link to a series of BEs 'piggybacked together' as you can only directly link to a local table in a linked database. However, you can import a linked table from a linked database. When you do that, it becomes a linked table where the link connection is actually to the original source database. Hope that makes sense
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