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Andy Teal

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May 11, 2023

Need some assistance for the following questions.

Q1: example table below, what I need to do is count the number of 'yes' total, except the first section, which is yes if any (so max 1).
Red yes
Blue yes
Green no

Banana no
Apple no
Orange yes

triangle yes
square no
circle no

so for this example, total would be 3.
I currently have this as 2 step, wondering if it can be done in one.

Q2: example table:
Mon 2nd Tues 3rd Wed 3th Thur 5th etc
pre pre post post

banana yes no no no
apple no yes no no

What I need to do is identify whether there is a yes for banana whilst 'pre'- the pre range is not fixed though, could be mon only, mon- tues, or mon- wed

Q3. I have 3 separate conditions, which need a value attributed:

<50 0
50- 80 5
>80 10

so if a cell has a value of 40, return a value of 0.
I can't work out how to do this for the middle range.

Thank you.
Might be easier if you post an example worksheet

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