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Memo field issue ( overwriting ) ? (1 Viewer)


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Today, 01:33
May 17, 2012
I have a memo field, which I write to with a string ( this is a list of files and their pathways/locations ). The idea is that if the 'target' folder's contents change, this/these change(s) are reflected in my memo field. So I 'read' the contents of the relevant folder every time the form loads, and try to overwrite the Memo field with this concatenated string ( even if the folders' contents are unchanged - no harm done - just overwrite the data with exactly the same string - or so I thought ). However, I'm getting errors with this after the first 'write' to the field, saying record cannot be changed at this time, and it simply deletes the data, leaving a #Deleted where the data was, and making it 'unwriteable' to. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.:eek:


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Yesterday, 20:33
Jan 23, 2006
You have provided almost no context of whatever you're doing or why. It would help with some background material and an example.

Why are you using a memo field? It seems a table with a meaningful structure would do the job and be easy to use and maintain. But that's just a guess since we aren't sure what you are trying to do.

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