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Sep 6, 2004
Another thought....

The network path possibly need to split in 2 parts.
Me.FolderLocation = "\\inat\Admin HR\EMPLOYEES\" & "INAT-" & Me.CNo & " " & Me.Cname
So in above till EMPLOYEES ...this is main employee folder.
But each employee folder has a preset word like INAT- and then employee number and then his name.

What I am thinking is if we split path...Let us say in one text box (FolderLocation-1) till EMPLOYEES folder and in this employees folder it has to search if any employee that appeared on form s equal to employee exist in EMPLOYEE folder.

But how... This is just a thought....


If Len(Dir$(Me!FolderLocation)) = 0 Then

This could be NEVER null or zero as we are just copying quoted context which is "\\inat\Admin HR\EMPLOYEES\" & "INAT-" & Me.CNo & " " & Me.Cname.

Only Cno and Cname has data picking up from form.

I dont know if I put my thought in understandable way....

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