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Nov 1, 2006

I'm working with several network printers.

I'm trying to get access to Printer Properties to set up the Locked Print option as some reports are to be sent to SPECIFIC Printers, not the user's default printer. I'm trying to set this programmatically using VBA.

The Locked Print function maintains privacy when printing confidential documents on the machine over a shared network.

I can set the other options like paper size, tray, color or B/W, etc. But I can't find the Property or command to switch {Job Type} to Locked Print with UserID and Password(4-8Digit Pin)

Thanking you in advance for any help...

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Jul 9, 2003
I notice it's been a few days and you have yet to receive a reply!

I spent a few minutes searching the forum to see if there's any information, can't find anything! However I thought it worth mentioning because it will bump the post up the list and possibly somebody else will have a look!


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Feb 19, 2013
the locked option isn't a standard printer option - I presume the term you are looking for is 'access controlled printer'.

this link advises you need to modify the driver for epsom printers

So I'm guessing you will need code to update the driver - almost certainly means messing with the windows registry which your IT may or may not allow. Alternatively your IT dept may be able to provide the solution.

Presumably users are able to print excel/word files to these printers as well, so it may already be done, just send the file to print, go to the printer and key in your code. That's how it works at clients of mine who use printer access control.


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Sep 12, 2017
I developed a system (long ago, in a job far, far away) that handled these type of issue in a very different way.

Users would not have direct access to any report / printing.

Instead, they would have their front end enter a record in a print queue that identified who was requesting what to be printed, along with any criteria required for that report or print job.

There would be a separate server dedicated to handling these types of requests. Internally it would either know which printer to send a specific print job to OR calculate which printer was required by the requesting user and the current day/time.

Not sure if you need that level of security or not, but it did work very well.

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