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Today, 17:42
Jul 26, 2013
I've been asked to look at providing a method of monitoring a shared generic Inbox in O365. (Think of it like a service call mailbox service@yourco.com)
This would be pretty straightforward in an Exchange/SQL on-site environment, but with cloud storage involved, it becomes a little more interesting.

I'm trying to capture response times, so I guess I need to see when an email is replied to and ideally log this, along with the original messages sent time and who it was from, into a database table for reporting purposes.

Has anyone done anything like this with an O365 / Azure set-up?

Googling has led me to lots of "25% there" solutions, but not a lot more.


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Today, 12:42
Apr 27, 2015
I did something remotely similar to this some years back by adding some code to the ThisOutlookSection module. I don't have the exact code but I modified it from a thread I found at ExpertsExchqnge...but I think you already now this.

Is the O365/Azure environment so different that it would not work?


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Today, 09:42
Mar 14, 2017
Flow (Power Automate) is something I've used to trigger a flow "when an email arrives with certain text in body/subject". And since you can combine Sharepoint and PA, you could, theoretically, set up a back-and-forth system where you know what the special identifying text of a message is (because, perhaps, your system is the one that created the text), and then looked for that same email response - etc.

This ought to work perfectly with O365 email, I think - at least it does with mine.

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