Poll: Did Russia Hack and control the US Election? (1 Viewer)

Did Russia Hack and Run the US Election? (select all that apply)

  • But of course, Yes it was Russia

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  • Hackers were Made In The USA! Credit where credit is due!

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  • Maybe some individuals from Russia or with Russian Accents

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  • We mere mortals can never know the truth

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  • It had to be some kind of Hacking

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  • It is just a very silly excuse for loosing

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  • It was Russia, but the Democrats wanted it to happen over Hillary Clinton winning

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  • Who Cares? Can we put this behind us and just raise the Debt again?

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Steve R.

Jul 5, 2006
Eventually the world will wake up to the other boogie man, CHINA.
The US seems to have the arrogant and mistaken belief that the US is the only country that can invent stuff. Other countries can also invent. A partial reflection of that are all the electronics we get from China. Who knows what "evil" lurks in those electronics?

My major concern though, the US, by incessantly howling about so-called intellectual property is that it will be a losing proposition. When China pulls ahead, they will put the screws to us. As the adage goes, "be careful of what you ask for." What goes around comes around. We need to keep the door open so we can "steal" from China.
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Happy Retired Curmudgeon
Feb 28, 2001
Don't know about what is in Chinese circuitry, but definitely you should be careful of getting your hands on old promotional gifts like Russian-made 4GB thumb drives. Because of my life-time NDA, all I can say is that the mistake of accepting such a gift just ONE TIME was more expensive an event than some recent brief armed conflicts.
May 22, 2010
The US seems to have the arrogant and mistaken belief that the US is the only country that can invent stuff.
• US citizens are in denial about our own hacking efforts. US Presidential hacking goes back many administrations, and its quite possible retaliation for something we did to meddle in their political structures.

• US citizens are under the impression we can push a button in Kansas and fire a Hellfire missile half way around the world without consequences.

• A tiny bit more isolation and reputation building and less meddling with CIA, NAS and FBI.

• Protect our own and stop meddling, that's the message the Dems could win on in 2020.

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