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Yesterday, 18:41
Jun 11, 2019
Not too long ago my project manager asked if could have user profiles that when an emp starts his/her startup would launch the forms in order based on their position and if a user wnatwede to change the order of their forms or include others and remove others they should be able to do that. The catch was - any open form that was included in the new reorder or default order could not be closed and anyform not in the new order or default order that was opened couldnot be closed and reopened as well. It all had to be seamless and live with no one form leaving the record that was current prior to reordering or if the user had a a quagmire of forms open they could just click a ribbon btn and all open forms would reorder and any form closed as part of the order would reopen in the order of their saved profile.

So I did it and if anyone wants the code/logic etc I will take the time to post. Not that big of a deal with floating forms as long as they are not modal - but these users love tabbed docs and for their work sessions I get it.

Let me know. And If I shouldn't have posted here - I apologize. I also re-glossed PKStormy's embedded non active x calendar - it looks great and has tons of uses if your users hate the little pop up date picker and small interface to find dates.


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Today, 10:41
May 7, 2009
Please share your code. I want to learn from it.

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