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Resources section - what goes in it? (1 Viewer)


Access World Site Owner
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Today, 16:25
Sep 28, 1999
I am contemplating having a Resources section on the main site, where it could be a directory of sites that would be useful to Microsoft Access users. Not sure if this concept is rather dated or not, or if it does provide value.

Any thoughts on this? If there was a Resources section, what should go in it?


Immoderate Moderator, Former MVP, Retired SysAdmin
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Today, 10:25
Feb 28, 2001
Looking at the forum's current "Reference" section, I think that the only thing that COULD go there (that wouldn't be redundant) would be a list of links to the most commonly referenced external sites as e.g. the allenbrowne site or the microsoft.docs site.


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Today, 16:25
Jul 26, 2013
The definitive reference on how to reference controls: http://access.mvps.org/access/forms/frm0031.htm

A naming convention: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/threads/ms-access-naming-conventions.225837/ (but I can't read it in dark mode - so could a mod edit the post to be readable in both forum modes please!!)

How to send an email from Access: https://www.access-programmers.co.u...ure-attach-embed-image-plus-many-more.145301/

Rogers stuff - the whole site ? http://rogersaccessblog.blogspot.com/2017/03/what-is-normalization-part-i.html

The above may need reviewing to ensure they are up to date with current versions?

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