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  • Good morning Jon,

    Since a good number of members on this forum are in the UK, has any thought been given to host an event? I can imagine some members may prefer to stay anonymous, but some of us extroverts wouldn't mind buying a few of you guys a beer or three...
    Sorry for the last minute notice. Is there a Membership drive before Dec 31, 2014 midnight. My small company preferes to pay such fees for tax purposes.
    ah, found it:
    Thanks to all the great member's help, it was a great year. Will upgrade my status one level to support this great site.
    Happy New Year 2015
    Good Evening:

    I am a new member - lovely site you have here - really nice people. I have tried to upload my db ad CJ_London suggested and I got a security token error? Can you assist?
    The text that you have entered is too long (35347 characters). Please shorten it to 5000 characters long.
    Heres the text:
    PM says text to long, what’s wrong?
    Jon, Can you ban people by IP Address or not? I tried searching by IP but it errors out on me. Is this a known bug as this always fails.
    Hi Jon,

    When we ban a user for spam whilst they are still online it is possible to automatically kick them off. I have been banning spammers who are still on line but they remain online untill they log out.

    Hi Jon,
    Finally caught you online. Why are the forums turned off? Also have you seen my previous messages to you?

    Jon is there a way that when viewing banned users we can sort by IP address, I have a feeling that certain types of spams are coming from similar IP addresses. Or alternatively can we get it to sort by date. When I ban spammers they can be for the same type of spam and would like to compare the IP addresses. That way we could block any users whose IP begins with 123. for example.

    Any joy on the increase of admin rights as well.
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