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Mike Krailo

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Mar 28, 2020
I recently watched a video that shows a guy designing forms, and by default, his forms had rounded corners! (see the 1:26 mark in the video). This was very confusing to me as this didn't seem possible without some windows API code to create the effect. Well as it turns out, those rounded corners are part of the new look of all apps in Windows 11. Since I have not upgraded to Windows 11 yet, I was not aware of this and I couldn't understand why the guy in the video designing forms had those rounded form corners. Well now I know and you do to.

I like the way he pops those keys.
Although its standard in Win11, its not difficult to do this in Win10 or earlier using APIs.


Yes, Collin, I was aware of those windows API's. It's a very interesting effect if used in the right places. I'm starting to incorporate it in certain popup forms or messages. I was just surprised when I seen that a brand new default form in Access had round corners and the guy in the video didn't mention it.

Now that Win11 is rounding all the corners on forms and apps, I will have to test for Win11 and force them to go back to sharp corners. At least that's what I'll have to do because there are times when I don't want the round corners and they are trying to force them on us now.

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