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shortcut indicators (arrows) disappearing when copying unrelated files (1 Viewer)


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Today, 04:20
Oct 6, 2019
I have a directory setup on my laptop in the following manner:

=> C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\[mixture of source files, folders and shortcuts are here]
=> C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\new machine backup\[many subdirectories are here, including a dir called "desktop"

in the 2nd path structure outlined above, in the dir "desktop", I have all the source files and folders stored from the 1st path structure outline above. I regularly copy the contents of path #1 (not the shortcut links) to the subdir "desktop" in path #2, and subsequently copy the contents of that path to my external hard drive target dir, which is:

=> D:\new machine backup\desktop

There's never been a problem with this operation until today, when I noticed that after doing this, all the shortcut indicators for the SC links located on the laptop's actual desktop location disappeared. see image "shortcut_indicators_disappeared". funny thing is, when clicking on any of those icons, the source files still open and those sources are still located in the same place (verified by right clicking on the file and clicking "open file location"). furthermore, if I check the properties of any given shortcut on the laptop's desktop now, it shows a duplicated "new machine backup\desktop" string in the target path! see image "target_dir_startIn_redundant_path". Anyone else have this happen? Have I caused the windows OS to become confused? Certainly I have a tendency to confuse robots, so maybe the same thing happened here?


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