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Today, 11:11
Jan 15, 2000
I have a query with a Date Field. There are many entries for each date within in query, based upon a Production ID field. My query groups all the calculations into one line per date for each distinct calculation. The date field is set to sort asending. My report when run off the same query, with a total by date line is group and sorted the same way to sort asending, but the individual detail line dates are not being sorted at all, it seems as though they are just being picked random, although the information is all there and the end result totals are correct. My graph running off the same query is correct. I have tried different sorts within both the query and the report, as well as different formats and masks. Has anyone else had this problem. I am using Access 2000.
Any suggestions to get the report to sort the data in an asending fashion.


Pat Hartman

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Today, 07:11
Feb 19, 2002
If you want the details to sort in a particular order, you must include their sequence field in the report's sorting and grouping parameters in addition to the date field. The report's sorting and grouping parameters override any sort sequence specified in the query.

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