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Jul 9, 2003

In answering the above question missinglinq demonstrated an excellent way of spell checking text box (text and memo field) text entries.

I realise that a class module I was developing would probably be be put to good use in solving this problem as well!

I had developed a class module for a particular use with a preexisting calendar form, one that was generally available on the Internet. However during the process I realized that the class module was not just limited to driving the calendar form, it may well operate effectively in other situations.

I have now used the class module in several projects, and this Spell Checker Popup form...

The Spell Checker Form is available on my website here:- Spell Checker Popup Form

There are video instructions demonstrating how it works, and how to add it to your database. The normal price is $2.99, however for a limited time you can download it for free using the coupon code DownloadALL4Fr33
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