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Jun 13, 2008
I am trying to fund a very innovative database project with exceptional potential. Trying to raise funds in UK and do things in the standard way is proving a mite frustrating.
I propose to look for funds in USA where people are more open to new ideas. Also I need a prototype for marketing and it is too much for one person. I am looking at a structure where the team will own the business* to reduce the amount of capital needed. Apart from IT professionals I need a financial wiz to help get funding (he would be treated just like other team members)

*That is apart from the banks, business angels or whatever

Anyone got any ideas or interested in getting involved?
I can provide more info about the cocept, the technology and the market to people whoi are seriously interested in a project that is not boring, will challenge your existing boundaries, and offers the potential for serious money "tomorrow". Right now it is hard work for no pay.

Incidentally I have done technology startups before.

Comments, offers of help or anything else relevant welcomed as answers

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