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Feb 28, 2001
Our pleasure to help, silversun. Some of us will be here when you come back. (Of course, we are world-wide so have very different schedules.)


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Dec 28, 2012
Silversun, please note that different people see the same things in different ways due to differences in background. Plog isn't wrong either. There are probably a dozen ways to approach this problem and you must find a method that works for you because you understand it AND it is technically feasible. June7, cronk, plog, and I have suggested that your structure is your enemy here. That "rat's nest" of relationships is the flare-lit tip-off that you have a problem of having overthought those risk findings.

Take a really hard look at that link plog gave you, then maybe come back and restate your original problem IN ENGLISH so that we can help you analyze your data and reach your goal.
I was able to successfully fix the issue. With your suggestions I created a single table with all the values for risk measurements in it. Then using Column() property of each combo box it was easier than I thought to calculate the total with VBA under AfterUpdate event of each combo box.
Thank you all. You all gave me a hint to properly modify my db's structure.
Stay safe

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