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Mar 14, 2017
I have a Sharepoint on-premises site, with a Sharepoint Custom List, linked to Access (office 365, version 16.0), as a linked table object.

The actual Access link was created against a specific Sharepoint View that has only 3 columns: 2 are single line of text, one is the built-in Sharepoint ID column. The view type is regular Standard View.

This Access linked table object behaves perfectly well if I just double click on it within Access. It opens, I can edit rows, update values, etc.

However, when I try to use either of the following 3 methods:
  • CurrentDb.Execute "update NameOfLinkedTable set [Column1] = null", dbFailOnError
  • CurrentDb.Execute "Name of Saved Query With the Exact Same SQL", dbFailOnError
  • Manually double-click, to run, the saved query referenced in the above bullet
... It thinks for a minute or so, then gives: Cannot connect to the Sharepoint site '' Try again later [including those 2 single quotes]

Either immediately prior to this, or immediately after, again, I have no problem manually opening/updating/editing this view. It seems to be working perfectly fine. Nothing seems to be disconnected, out of synch, or unavailable in any way shape or form.

Particularly frustrating: It did work once, at the beginning. Just once. Thereafter, and for several days now, it does not.

I use Access linked table objects (as Sharepoint lists or views of those lists) from this same SP site all the time, including in the same database.

Any ideas?
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Jul 9, 2003
I noticed you have yet to receive a reply. Your post may have been missed by someone who knows the answer, hence I and bumping it up the list for a second look...

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