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Mar 14, 2017
I've given my users (and myself) a desktop shortcut. The shortcut points to a .vbs vbscript file on the network (full UNC path referenced). I know the network connection is fine, because 1) the shortcut's custom icon is visible, which resides on the network, and 2) the whole VBScript file works just fine - with the exception of this one very strange and perplexing oddity.

About 20% of the time, the msgbox (which is right at the top of the vbscript - first line of executable code) - simply fails to display the message. It just has the 'OK' button. Users don't mind terribly, they trust me and simply click OK, since that's the only button/option I've given them.

Any idea why ????

Here is the VBScript - up to the point of the msgbox.

'present a message box so that the user knows "something" is happening with this vbscript
'make sure the user has a folder in their appdata, to hold the database
'copy the latest network file into that folder
'open that file

dim strAppDataFolder, strFullPathToDatabaseFolder, fso, AccessApp

msgbox "Press OK to open the [name redacted] Database",vbInformation,"  "

(Google wasn't much help to me. No matter how I thought to try wording the search terms, the results were totally irrelevant)
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Jul 9, 2003
I noticed that your question has yet to receive a reply. I have bumped it up the list so that it gets a second shot!

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