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Oct 26, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a db structure that will allow me to access my be from the cloud. I have run a compatibility check and fixed most of the issues, but the error that has me stumped is this:

Error text Relationships that are not associated with a valid lookup field are incompatible with the Web.

What it means The relationship is not supported by a lookup field, and is therefore not compatible with a web database.

What to do Create a lookup field between the related tables. Use the Lookup Wizard to create the lookup.

I have been taught that lookups at the table level should be forbidden due to the fact that it prevents you from being able to query that field. How do I fix this issue without harming the integrity of my structure?

Thanks to all who know more than me.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
This could probably be my second most hated "feature" of A2013 web apps (first is macros). This seems to be the only way you can create a relationship. It looks like the developers simply took a shortcut when making the interface and settled on this. As it happens, it isn't as much of a problem with web apps because you can't write code. Just make sure the "lookup" only returns the ID value and NOT the text value. That way queries won't be impacted. So essentially you are creating a "lookup" that doesn't actually look anything up. So for example, if you are trying to relate CustID in tblOrders to CustID in tblCustomers, select the CustID to view rather than CustName which is what you would select if you were expecting this to function as a lookup in the Jet/ACE sense.

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