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Nov 8, 2019
I did the registry edit found all over Google. When I right click I now have a "Move To Folder..." option. When I click on it a window opens and I can pick the location.

I do not want the pop up window. I want a location option menu just like with Send To.

I Googled it and could not find how to configure it that way. Can anyone here help me?
I'm bumping your message up the list so that it gets another look....
Why not help anyone reading this thread by stating what registry edit you actually did.
There could be more than one such edit found 'all over Google'
Hi Paul
The comment in post #2 wasn't for my benefit as I already have the registry tweak listed in that link.
However, others may not have a clue what the OP was referring to and, indeed, it may possibly be that he is using something different

I tried it myself and it presents a treeview window (not the friendliest, I must admit)

I used the method at Copy To / Move To to the Windows Explorer Right Click Menu,-Lowell Heddings @lowellheddings&text=A hidden functionality in Windows,the file or folder to.

I even tried using the same value as SendTo, as that presents a Windows Explorer, but then the MoveTo did not appear in the Right Click.
That would be the same thing I used.

I tried creating a MoveTo folder where the SendTo is and added some locations but it did not work.

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