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Aug 11, 2000
I tried to log onto my home computer last night (I have Windows XP Home edition) and couldn't get past the logon screen. It seemed like I was caught in a loop because the computer kept going back to the screen where you can choose the Safe mode--along with some other choices that I don't remember (black screen with white text).

Regardless of the choice I made, it kept looping between the Safe mode screen; the Windows XP logo screen; and then to a blue screen (with white text) that passed by too fast for me to read; then back to the Safe mode screen again.

I've had this laptop for almost a year now, and this is the first time I've ever had any problems with it.

Any ideas on what's going on with my home laptop?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
You don't happen to have spycatcher installed ? if so have a look at this thread. Basically try a boot into safe mode and check the quarantine log for userinit.exe
BTW this could be an issue with other prog's as well.

Personally just to make sure windows is clean why not do a system repair guide here (this will not effect your installed prgrammes etc. but you will have to re-apply windows updates). This will reinstall all windows system files ensuring they are not corrupted or missing.
Thanks for the response Minkey, but I don't have spycatcher installed. I will try your other suggestion about a system repair when I get home tonight, it just might work. But even if it does work, how can I prevent this from happening again?
The most likely cause is that your userinit.exe file has either been corrupted or removed. This could have been caused by a virus or spyware - or even the removal of these as the nasty could have changed this file in some way.

One other thing you could try is to go in to windows in safe mode and check if a file called wsaupdater.exe is present - if so you could do a system restore to a previous date (if you have it enabled) - accessories > system tools > system restore if not follow this guide.

Which anti-virus/ spyware/ adware software do you run ?
I use Adaware, which was highly recommended. I also use Norton Antivirus too, and have no doubt that I've probably caught a virus from soewhere and that is what 's causing the problem... I will try to boot up in Safe mode, but again, I kept geting the loop last night wnever I selected Safe mode too.

Thanks agian.
Boot from a system disk. You may have to change your boot options in your computer BIOS to boot from a CD.
Did you do a system repair ? That should fix it. (follow the guide in my previous post)

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