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Jan 23, 2008
I added the xLookup addin to 2 pcs and a laptop.
When I copy a file from one to puter to another, I get error message on the xLookupformulas because it adds the complete path of the 'from' puter to the formulas. (User/appdata/roaming/microsoft/addins/xlookup.xlam then will not 'Update' saying no source found.
Obviously, I can manually remove the path in each formula and they work.
Is there a setting or something to keep each puter from doing this?

Well every time I post this it puts in stickies. Can't seem to get it into the normal threads.?????
I note that you have yet to receive a reply, hence I am bumping your post up the list...
Not sure I am going to get a reply. Maybe I was not clear in my post?

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