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  • Re: Webbrowser, control, focus, detailed focus
    Can anyone tell me why the Microsoft webbrowser ActiveX is not allowing these methods yet I get error 438 object doesn't support property or, method???

    Text672 = Me.WebBrowser0.Document.activeelement.innertext

    They were taken off code someone else is using in VBA in access.
    I am using Access 2010 and latest greatest active X
    My issue is how I use call and use User defined SQL scalar and table functions from VBA. I hav an acces front end for forms but use SQL as the back-end database engine. I have written a number of functions but cant get them working from my VBA. Could you point me in the right direction to get some sample code?
    Bill bought a fancy new porsche. It is capable of accelerating at 9.81 m/s² without using any gas at all. How is that possible?

    kritinanu- start a new thread or reply to that thread you were referring and others, myself included, will be more than happy to pitch in.
    "I want to feed data from Access to Word. I have set the bookmarks for one report so I can ensure the right data goes to right form fields.

    But the thing is, this report I'm working will grow; it has three section which is just repeats, and if we need to report more than three, we add a new page which is identical in formatting to the first page; just continuation of details for the report.

    How, then, do I refer to those form fields' bookmarks as the report grows?

    I thought of dynamically creating bookmarks as a new page is added to add a numeric index to end of the bookmark's name based on how many we have so far but not sure if this is best solution...."

    This is your Question that I have refer above. I have same problem.
    I have a word Template (Government one). It has 2 section
    2. Body
    Body section of the page needs to grow as the UltraGrid checkbox is checked.

    I could map to all the bookmark at one checkbox but for second one it overwrites, I am not sure how to dynamically creating bookmarks as a new page (or end of the first one).

    I think you might be able to help me.
    I'm just trying all aspects of the site :) i'm thinking about making one in my native language .
    I think it's an open source php / my sql script .
    Is it yours ?
    With regard to SQL Express - thanks, that helps I can distribute that with our training material! Very helpful. Can't add to your reputaiton though until someone else comes along and warrants a rep first. Sorry :(
    Howzat Banana, do you mind taking a look at my latest post. If I don't find an answer to my problem soon I could end up spending all night writing more expositions.

    Sorry I don't have any Gorillas to help you with your addictions though.

    Hello guru from FuzMic
    Since u are on line, can you give a banana shot at my latest post. Thanks
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