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    Common Dialog problems

    Hi all, I'm using a common dialog to store the path of a document store on a local drive but after a week or so of blissfully easy browsing and hyperlinking it screwed up and I can't see why...any suggestions, this is what happens; 1) The common dialog suddenly started failing. Saying that the...
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    Building Text String

    I may be looking at this too simply but could you write a query (programmatically) like this SELECT Processes FROM Site GROUP BY Processes this should give you a list of all the different processes in your table and then loop through each row and build your string as below: strProc =...
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    Null Problems with using data access class

    Scott, I've encountered this problem quite a few times before and I use these solutions: 1) Wherever you enter/edit details into the table, you can make sure that user can't enter null values by using the after update event and check the value using: if isnull(yourvalue) then yourvalue = 0...
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    Pass variables to reports

    I think that I'd use a hidden text box on the form that always calls the report. Fill that text box with your string and then create a new box on your report and set the control source to something like:- [Forms]![MyForm]![MyHiddenTextBox] Hope this helps, C
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    Call functions

    Dear all, I've created a button on all my forms that will update all the controls, subforms and list boxes on a form. What I'd like to do is call that function from outside the form, ie I need to update one form when something is changed on an unrelated form. I've made the button a "public sub"...
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    Funny errors

    The most curious thing... Yes, I did check that but what really surprised me was the same day as I sent the original message I went back to doing the database and created a dialog form that would control the type of report I wanted to print. The form wasn't based on a table and had no controls...
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    Funny errors

    Dear All, I wonder if you can help me. On one of my forms I get an intermittent error message telling me that a value I have entered is of the wrong type. I've checked all the values in the underlying tables and as far as I can tell everything is ok, its mostly text/memo fields anyway. The...
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    Left joins and is nulls

    Dear Fellow Accessers, Hi, I'm making a database to store the sales data from our sales departments. I have a very large table with all the staff past and present and a query that shows me which of these staff are actually working for us now. My problem is that not all of these staff have...
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    Mail merging programmatically

    Dear Accessers, I'm trying to merge the names and addresses of customers out to word. I decided that I'd use a query and then use a button to call the merge wizard. The trouble is I don't know how to do it programmatically. Another small thing is, how do I do a carriage return?? I've tried |...
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    Sub form filtering, dates between * and *

    Dear Accessers, Hi, I've a small problem that I'm not sure how to solve. I'm making a staff/department performance database and I have a form that allows me to select a department. This is linked to a subform which shows me the staff in that department. I then noticed that of course staff...
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    Expression Question

    Dear Artifex, Anything that is divided by zero will be infinity so thats your biggest problem. I have had similar problems so what I do is this (v.easy): If bid = 0 then percentage = 0 else diff/bid = percentage end if With the 'diff' thing it's important that if the 'actual' is more...
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    Linking forms

    Dear T, I hope I've understood what it is that you need: You want a set of forms that link together so that one entry in your table is made up from the entries in the 5 forms?? Is it vital that you have 5 seperate forms? I would be tempted to use just one big form using a tab control thingy...
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    Help on Access 97 Certification Test Questions

    Dear David, I didn't even know that there were tests on Access. I'm not sure what the "correct" answers are but I think that some possibilities are here: 1)Open form in Datasheet view, you can see all records at once but why would you want to?? 2)In order to open the form so that no records...
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    Tab controls

    Dear Access-ers, I am trying to update the names and number of pages in a tab control so that only current departments (things are likely to change quickly) are shown to the user. I would like to have it so that when the form is started the tab control looks to see which departments exist...
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    Silly question

    Dear fellow developers, I know this is going to sound like a really low brain question so I'm sorry. How can I call a function from within an event proceedure? What I have is a form that is based upon the date of the records kept ie each new date brings up a whole new set of records. I have...
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