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    Date Difference

    why did you remove the year, once you did that technically speaking you dont have a date. DateDiff requires a full date dd mm yyyy.
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    Adding a margin to a combo box...

    create an empty first column, and set the width to a mm or so. this will give you a margin on the left, do the same for a final column and you have a margin on the right.
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    cell value change

    you may be better off posting this in the Excel forum and not the Access forum.
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    [Access] How to create tables in emails using VBA in access?

    wht not output the data to a spreadsheet and attach that?
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    Question Relink tables in access 2007 runtime mode.

    use relinking in a module. Here is the code I use, just set the path in the variable. Private Sub RefreshLinks() ' DAO Data Library Dim tblDefs As TableDefs Dim tblDef As TableDef Dim strConnection As String Set tblDefs = CurrentDb.TableDefs ' LIVE Production Database...
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    The auto-incrementing ID field becomes radom number

    that is what it is supposed to do when replicating. The auto number is generated using a randomizing algorith, so that any other databases in the replication group do not generate the same number. It's really irrelevant what the number is so long as its unique.
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    Showing "sub" expandable related tables in form

    you require a main form and subform. Although it will not look like the expanded tables it will work the same. Create two forms and drag the subform onto the mainform. A wizard may run to set up the primary and foreign keys, but I would check it yourself.
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    Too Few Parameters Expected 3 Error 3061

    do you have the lines of code in the correct order Assign SQL_String then your open statement
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    Hide Textboxes on Reports

    set the can grow and can shrink property of the text box to yes
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    Auto Increment Default Value

    only use the dmax function if the the db is single user only, otherwise you will need to embed the dmax function in a locking function, otherwise 2 users WILL return the SAME number.
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    help with delimiter

    use the INSTR function. This will give you the position of any character in a string. The use the Left$ function and Right$ function to get the two fields
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    What do you do in your spare time?

    Spare time is taken up by, growing cacti and succulents, reading (esp. science books on quantum theory), photography and jazz guitar. I also am interested in recreational programming, but .net is far, far to slow and all my programming projects have grounded to a halt. I may start again but on a...
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    Login form

    use Access workgroup security. search the forum as countless pages have been written about this subject
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    Filter all DB records by one combo selection on DB entry

    I would pass the filter information to each form as an argument in the open statement. Each form would then check (in the on open event) if an argument was present, if so then use that argument in an apply filter statement.
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    Multiple Text Boxes linked to ComboBox

    we need to see which event the code you have posted is run from.
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