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    Scottish Independence

    Perhaps the whiny UK should have their own referendum to separate from Scotland if they have an unfair advantage over the rest of the union. :)
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    Obama Responsible for the Pending Demise of Iraq

    Time for more focus on domestic affairs then foreign policy - pretty sad supplying that much money into a foreign country while Canadian are bringing potable water into Detroit. You can check but the UN has declared a long time ago that access to potable water is a basic human right.
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    Makes zero sense that Israel is bombing the heck out of schools. hospitals and homes in the Palestine Concentration terriroty in a claimed effort to prevent tunnels under the Gaza barrier to be used by a terrorist group of persons interred in the concentration territory from smuggling arms and...
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    Using a USB Flash Drive on the Motherboard for the Operating System?

    ...because you want something that costs a bucket of money but has to be constantly upgraded, otherwise we would all still be using these:
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    Gta 5

    Starting to wonder if he is living in this world: :D
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    Show of Hands - Who is bored of talking about Guns and Religion?

    It is like tuning into a episode of Coronation Street on the television... even if you have not checked it out for a couple of months it is the same old story over and over and over...
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    Prisoners on death row in USA.

    Life sentences like Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi served: good plan!
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    Has the recession effected you yet?

    Lost of stones in your pathway but it is good to see that things are heading in the right direction.
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    Ukraine/Syria - US Foreign Policy Idiocy

    The real issue test: Circle the current ongoing conflicts recognized by the UN which has neither USA or Russia aggressively taking sides and does not involve oil or lithium: Kurdish separatism in Iran Korean conflict Kashmir conflict Israeli–Palestinian conflict Balochistan conflict Internal...
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    No deportation, maybe

    The greed driven economy would collapse if illegals were deported on a mass scale. Who is going to do the sub-minimum wage labour if the illegals are expelled from the country?
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    Cyber bullying - fact or fiction?

    Bothersome as well because someone changes the rules as they go along...
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    Cyber bullying - fact or fiction?

    ...but you only quote a portion of my post, would that not be an even more detailed example of "sound bites" ?
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    Cyber bullying - fact or fiction?

    On really - my bad - when I read on post #134 and you wrote "why should dad miss out." I was quite sure you referred to dad missing out on raising the child(ren) and not missing out on going off to earn the money. I would have quoted #125 or all the rest of your posts if I was referring to...
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    Cyber bullying - fact or fiction?

    18: the traditional birthday of luggage... if the child is not prepared to leave home at that age then perhaps the strangers who raised her for her parents did not do a very good job.
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    Cyber bullying - fact or fiction?

    Rather sexist attitude to assume that the mother would be the 'stay at home' to raise the offspring. What about couples where "the wife" had the higher earning capacity?
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