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    how to use keydown with combinations of keycode

    As I have noticed and as I have seen one other poster here, you can get much EXACT help on what you need but instead comments and questions on why you are doing this things.
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    Discussion For RIBBON

    I suggested that this forum to have its own topic area for ribbon because there are so much to learn from it like other objects in the database. While the ribbon topic and information can be found digging in the internet but I think not all. NigelShaw had provided link for some of his...
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    Discussion For RIBBON

    If you are going to say that Simon, you might as well also say "What part of f**k off does the form, report, etc not understand!" If you are already well verse and knowledgeable about Ribbon, it's only you or some but not ALL. So dont say f**k not understand!
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    Access 2010 demo on MSDN channel9 you can share your experience and comments there.
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    Question Enable all macros

    thanks for the reply sir. actually I have already researched and got information about modifying the registry entries for trusted locations, sandboxmode, vbawarnings Sir and I have included that in my modules but my problem is a.) if the project is run on the new computer wherein the registry...
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    Question Enable all macros

    Good day! I have created my project and on my startup form are functions that will be executed. However, these functions are disabled by default especially on the first run of access on the new computer. So if I am going to install the project on another computer on which I have not yet setup...
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    what is the subform in vb6

    I am studying vb6 and I dont know what is the subform object in vb6. Is it the msflexgrid? If access have subform and it works with main form by establishing master/child fields, what is for vb6 and how can we establish relationship with its main form?
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    printing receipt

    I would like to ask for help. I would like to print a receipt however, the printing will continue regardless how long the paper is. the receipt print the items sold and the amount. it is probable that it will consume more than the length of the short , A4 or long bond paper size. I am using...
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    Question Change the face of Office Button and current project Icon

    I have seen thru googling that they have managed to change the picture of the office button. but its was not vba because it was not under access forum or access topic. but I think it can be done. I have attached picture of the changed office button. Is there a way to change the Icon of the...
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    Discussion For RIBBON

    Hi good day! I would like to suggest to make a separate discussion for RIBBON. Because I think, ribbon is also a large topic, and what I think is like an object like tables, query, form and others. though it maybe possible to place the ribbon topic inside the general section, I just think...
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    Question Is service pack really cumulative?

    I have access 2007 and I have updated for SP2 knowing that SP2 includes the SP1. Question: Are Service packs and hotfix cumulative? Situation: I have setup my "Display Navigation Pane" to false so that it is not displayed. However when I run my docmd.transferdatabase statement, the...
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    Question QuickAccessToolbarCustomization

    Sorry Sir I dont get what you mean by the words inside the parenthesis. English is not my first language. I have viewed the link you provided Sir but the solution there was to use docmd.showtool "ribbon" set to "No" by doing so the whole ribbon toolbar will disappear and I have tried it Sir...
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    gotonext record create runtime error '13' (type mismatch)

    that was quick and simple Sir. actually it worked but I get error 2046 that RecordsGoToNext isnt available so I change the code a bit to '=========================== On Error GoTo err_hand DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRecordsGoToNext ExitSub: Exit Sub err_hand: MsgBox "You have already...
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    gotonext record create runtime error '13' (type mismatch)

    when I click the next button it state runtime error '13' type mismatch. I dont know what part of the code is wrong. previously it worked ! please help. Private Sub next_Click() Dim rec As Recordset Set rec = Me.RecordsetClone 'Move recordset to current form record rec.Bookmark = Me.Bookmark...
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    Question where can I get the complete list of Ribbon idMso

    thanks Ngel. imageMso where helpful. I have read the UI.docx but I cannot find all the idMso . probably there were only very few. I am looking for like command idMso and others.
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