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    Fake arrests

    Perhaps she shouldn't read this forum.
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    Fake arrests

    Read the preamble to the thread. Bitch is quite mild.
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    Yes that sounds like me.
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    Another measurement significantly improved!

    Was that Sheldon Cooper?
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    What will be on your grave stone?

    Spike Milligan has on his gravestone "I told you I was ill"
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    The Covid cure has arrived!

    I'm too old to change my ways. I am not worried by cancel culture as I haven't anything to cancel, so I shall go on being a racist and bigot, mainly to horrify woke idiots.
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    Books: A Portal into A Different World

    Brother surgeons.
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    Tried 11 yet

    My desktop is not able to upgrade to 11 but my new laptop is OK and I updated it some time ago. Getting my desktop up to 11 is going to be a bit expensive, so I am hanging fire at the moment.
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    I am quite happy to admit that I am a racist. What happens now?
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    Muslims Rioting in Sweden

    As an atheist I couldn't care less which "holy" book was burned. I don't think there is a book for my beliefs.
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    GB News

    You must immediately find several families OF COLOUR and pay them restitution.
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    Off Topic

    If politics in the USA is anything like here in the UK, both sides are liars and manipulators.
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    And the UK has a world champion again...

    My dad was a boxer, and he said, "In America you have to knock them out to get a draw." That was when we used to send British boxers to America.
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    And the UK has a world champion again...

    My dad was a boxer, he fought during the 1920's. In those days he said, "In America you have to knock someone out to get a draw."
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    I'm amazed!

    Here's one that won't. When I had my pulmonary emboli, religion was the last thing on my mind, and I didn't think I would survive.
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