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    Dear Prince Harry......

    Leaving the Royal Family is ok. What I object to is the lies slagging off Charles and the Queen (Indirectly). These lies are now proven.
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    Dear Prince Harry......

    Harry of course. William has not put a foot wrong in my opinion.
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    Dear Prince Harry......

    As far as I'm concerned, he will never win again. He and his wife are a pair of scumbags.
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    You guys, Do you cheer on any team in the Premier League?

    I lived in Hampstead during the war. There was some football played, and the nearest ground was Arsenal. Some of the players used to play when they were on leave from the forces. I have supported Arsenal until recently. I may support them again when they stop "taking the knee."
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    Which Sports do you like the most?

    The game of soccer used to be my game. Work was something that I did between week ends when I played. The present game now is one I don't recognise. The rolling on the ground, screaming in agony is cheating. In my day if you did get a bad injury you used to get dragged off to the side lines and...
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    ACL Surgery- What to expect

    I have had bilateral knee replacements. I sailed through without any trouble. I put this down to a lot of quadriceps exercises. This stabilises the joint.
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    Best help for depression

    I think that he means endogenous or exogenous depression.
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    National Health Service.

    Actually national insurance does not cover the cost of the NHS. The majority of the money comes from gemeral taxation.
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    GB News

    If nobody took offense, there would be no hate crime at all.
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    GB News

    I was reprimanded on one of these websites where I had replied. The person said that I sounded like a racist. My reply was "That is because I am a racist." There was no reply to that one.
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    What's your favorite bottle of wine?

    The local golf club has a very nice beer. Theakstons Old Peculiar. It is quite strong so the wife has to drive. Also now I'm the age I am, I can't drink much and a pint at lunchtime sees me with an hours nap in the afternoon. I do like a glass of cheap red wine with my dinner, but not every day...
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    iPhone, is it worthit?

    It was both humour and the truth. I find it humourous that a grown woman can find so many people and things, to spend time, chatting about nonsense. I am safe writing this because she doesn't ever look at these forums.
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    iPhone, is it worthit?

    I don't have a mobile phone at all. My wife got one for emergencies only. She now has over 20 emergencies every day. I did get a cheap one when I went into hospital. I used it three times when I was in there for four days. That was the only time I have needed a phone.
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    Printer problem

    I've just bought a new one. £70.
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    National Health Service.

    Thanks Frank.
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