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Recent content by Horsehead

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    Disrespect in Politics

    That's the thing of a good politician - not to piss off leaders with nukes but also not to piss off your friends in the politics and people of your country. maybe he's a good businessman, but, again, this lack of proper political behaviour could turn all of us into glass one day :(
  2. H

    Disrespect in Politics

    Oh! That would explain his words in Helsinki tho. As a businessman at first he might think that friendship can bring all the russian money to the US :D:D:D russians invest billions in the property in the US, UK, Germany and other Europe. "Statistically, Russian investment grew by an average of...
  3. H

    What's the best/worst video game of all time?

    BEST: Star Wars Battlefront II (the old one - still like to play it after all this years :) WORST: Minecraft (boooring)
  4. H

    Tips for loosing weight..

    Move more :) ride a bicycle, walk to the places you used to drive to. Eat less fat and sugar and more vegetables, drink more clear water. and you're gonna be fine :)
  5. H

    Best help for depression

    Yes, i agree. The good doctor should help. But do not forget to support your friend and let them feel that they're not alone
  6. H

    Brexit and the Russian Plot for mind control Continued

    Maybe they've just realised that Brexit woulde not be as good as they wanted and the "Russian plot" seems like the best way to shut the process down and save their asses :D Now every time when a government in US or UK or EU would mess something up - they can blame Russians. How convenient!
  7. H

    Poll: Did Russia Hack and control the US Election?

    I think that where was something, that has involved russians. Maybe there was agreement between Trump and Putin. Or maybe Putin has caught Trump into some weird trap :D
  8. H

    The Crown

    The Crown is really good. i'd really like to go to England now to see Buckingham palace and all
  9. H

    What's your best/worst joke?

    this topic is a trap, i can't stop reading and laughting :D:D:D:D:D you should post the notice in the beginning of it - do not read if you need to go somewhere :D
  10. H

    Are You Right?

    Sometimes i wish i wasn't right, guys. Intuition is a great thing, but sometimes you just need to be experienced enough to guess the result :)
  11. H

    "Catch Me If You Can"

    Thanks! That video is very useful
  12. H

    Trump on Pregnancy

    I agree. Doctor Who is really good and educational. At least before the Moffat's period tho
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