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  • Just reading a few visitor messages - Isn't just a joy when you know how to fix things? Everyone wants you to fix everything and for free. Incidentally I owe you one. Let me know if you need assistance with anything electronic (circuit design etc)
    You were fantastic, really patient and helpful :) so proud we did that!!!! Wouldn't have been able to solve without your help. BEST STAR BAR ;)
    Hi, you have been a great help so far, could you please try and figure out the final steps for me on the Splting form thread please? :)
    Hi, I guess you have been really bussy, if you get some time over I would appreciate a reply on my last post regarding our thread about pausing execution of macro
    cool...thankx...where is a good whitepaper or something that will tell me what those properties do? I have only taken 1 class and have absolutely no idea what they are capable of..without opting and trying to figure out what they mean? it would be so nice if you could hover over them and get some kind of definition..didn't even know what "load" referred to.
    hey man,i am making a multi user database for employees,pls suggest me what type of user security,login,permissions i should use and how,pls
    I've acutally sorted it out. I was working in a page not in a form.

    But still the buttons that are 'custom' made are not working. I dont want to use the buttons that are there. i need to have a save button a new button and a delete button.

    I presume i cant have the form working without running access? because it seems that running a page form in Explorer does work...

    I'm also wondering if i can leave some information from the previous entry for the next entry. e.g. i'm retrieving names from a different table and i dont want to have to fill them in everytime when i start a new entry...
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