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Oct 20, 2018
Is there a way to search for a term in threads started by a member ? I've looked but didn't find anything that fits what I'm trying to do.
Let's say you see that someone posted that the OP has cross posted and you think this might be a repeat issue. You would need to search for the term "cross posted" (or whatever) in threads started by the OP. You can search posts made by anyone, but you can't search for terms in threads started by anyone? Or am I wrong about that?

I'm trying to think of other searches that cannot be satisfied without basing it on who the OP is, but at the moment, the above is all I can think of. However, I know I've tried it before for other things and was stymied. Does anyone think such a search would be useful, and for what else? If it had support, is it a search option that can be added if it's not already possible?

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