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Jul 17, 2023

When Appending data from excel spreadsheet, i have cells with a lot of text in cells. I have made sure my table is in Long Text when Appending. I dont get any errors and everything looks successful yet when i go to the table its only appended half the data.

I was looking to see if there was a limit of the amount of characters you could have in the table to see if that was the issue but apparently Long Text can hold enough for what im trying to import.

When trying to manually write text into the table, it seems to take as much text as i want to put into the table, so i dont see the issue.

Also just tried a straight import to a new table but the same happens without errors

Is VBA a better way to import data?

Anyone know why this happens and could tell me how to resolve?
how are you currently "appending data" ? What method?
how are you currently "appending data" ? What method?
Using the external data option in Access.

I have just counted the characters it appends up to and it stops at 255 characters which is the parameters for Short Text, but my table is set to Long Text before the import, so access is still using the rule of Short Text when appending or creating a completly new table on import, even when its set to Long Text in the table.

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