Best Approach if Given 1 Hour to Address Possible Virus - Windows 11 laptop (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 2010
This went right over my head. I have always wanted to be one of the cool kids that talk about partitions but have never achieved it :p
Can you explain.

That is, if you mean something different than the built in "reset this PC" type of thing that I know how to do in windows (basically Start menu then look for factory reset)
I eventually delete all partitions and reinstall from the ISO. That way I don't reinstall the crap from HP. I only get windows, after reinstall i then turn off the windows crap like telemetry.

You do need some external free software if you install from an ISO. Also all partitions are re-created including a new hidden partition that you can use as your emergency reinstall.

Hope that makes sense.

Btw, I don't recommend the above approach for your parents. They might be better severed by resetting their PC to factory.
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Mar 14, 2017
Hmm. Okay. Your answer is one I will 'tuck away' in the part of my Toolbox where I keep things I don't understand but may still help me some day.
At this point, I deem my knowledge/time not enough to successfully execute or experiment with. I've kept my experimentation & learning with OS quite low and generally go with the flow, other than using various tools to undo the weird changes brought to modern v's of Windows, like I love ExplorerPatcher.

For now I'm going to try 1 or 2 free tools, like Housecall by TrendMicro. If those don't affirmatively declare to me that they've found and eliminated the virus, I may do a factory reset.

For now, my parents are blissfully ignorant: They're happy I told Windows "turn off Chrome notifications", so it seems like the problem doesn't exist. Despite my strict warnings to them not to thank me yet, they can't help not caring much about the problem now ... But I'm scheduling another tech session soon to follow up as responsibly as I can.


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Jul 25, 2020
Consider using Oracle VertualBox or VMWare...

Or even Sandbox

Google the above will explain..

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