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Aug 17, 2020
Got this one in my inbox a few days ago. Love it! If you can't pay for an SSL cert, you shouldn't be marketing ANYTHING. LOL. hey @Jon , how are things with your hosting provider? ;) did you know that within a few months, as I hear from the hosting pros in the USA, the search engines of the world will not even list websites in results that do not have SSL encryption on them? and I heard that 8 months ago from an intelligent engineer working in a company that doesn't care about him. So he gave me his knowledge for free. I talk to hundreds of good-hearted people like that every year. And they're extremely valuable. It's the idiots running the companies that know absolutely nothing. That's why I don't bother talking to them. They're worthless. :( I'm wondering if I'm wrong about this, considering this email was routed from one server to another....


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