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Oct 29, 2018
@theDBguy would we be able to remove the AvgPass calculation from the VBA update events? I was curious if we did this then the scores would default back to the recordsource of the form which originally displayed the correct scores.

I tried removing them but got a Run-time error '3141': SELECT statement includes a reserved word or misspelled word, or punctuation is incorrect --> and then this is highlighted in the VBA: Me.RecordSource = strSQL

Hi. When you are trying to change what is being displayed on a form, you either change the Record Source or Requery it. Either way, it will still take time for Access to fetch/calculate the data to display. So, I think, even if you remove the Avg() calculation from the code (by the way, I don't think you can), then I don't think it will give you any benefit you may be thinking of gaining by removing it.

The "correct" score should display no matter what. If not, you'll have to double-check the calculation and the data set used for the calculation.

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