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May 6, 2008

I have this query:

ID Attending Trauma RN Date
1 A No Yes 1/1/12
1 A Yes No 2/1/12
1 B No Yes 1/1/12
1 A Yes No 3/1/12
1 B No Yes 6/1/12

I merged this query into a report to give the count of each attending equaling yes only. I am using this: =DCount("*","qryMainJan-Jun13","[PeripartumHysterectomy] ='Yes' And [Text30] = ID")
the goal is to show each attending on a separate page with count on text box

the issue I am having is I can't show the correcttotal in one page for each attening. for example I am showing attending A twice for trauma with total 1 for each page. I need to show attending A with total 2.

I hope this is not confusing.


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Feb 19, 2013
Not quite sure what you are trying to do unless PeripartumHysterectomy is the real name for Trauma also what is text30?

The problem is with the construct of your dcount so if text30 is a control on your form or report then the criteria should be

ID=" & text30

If this does not solve your problem you need to explain a bit more about your data and you form/report

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