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Aug 17, 2020
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here is what I'm working with at the moment....pls take a look at the attached xlsx. Essentially what I'm doing here is creating a planning platform for future users of mine. as you can see in the book, there are columns of data that are relevant to the financial instrument being used. all of the rows in the attached book happen to be credit cards. however, I am doing this for many other financial instruments as well (paypal, lines of bank credit, loans, etc....). However, the data in the attached book really only applies to credit cards. So what I'm after is any information that can help me along in terms of the following situations:
  • reduce costs as much as possible if having to take cash advances out on any given card.
  • pay amounts off on any given card in a way that shows each bank that one can manage money, and thus get the best chance of their software granting credit line increases in the future.
    (I realize that this is based on algorithmic nonsense, but the bottom line is that, whatever algorithms are written by banking developers, there are always 2 things that never change: 1) they always want money from interest, and 2) they want to see spending responsibility from card holders).​
  • keep balance levels ""middle-of-the-road"" in terms of amounts, and pay off to 0 at any given time (determined by the code I write, based on my own knowledge of corporate software).
  • etc, etc, etc....
so really what I'm looking for here is anyone who can give me some functions and formulas that can be used in the interface that can help me with the math I will write to analyze this type of stuff. More than likely I will use those, and a mixture of my own code to do this work. But if I don't know what functions are available to assist me, all I will do is write a bunch of code because that's literally the only thing I know how to do using this program.


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