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I need to keep a running count on a form of the number of times a L code appears in the 31 fields of the form, the number of times a C code appears in the 31 fields and etc.(There are other codes.) A field can be empty. Only one code will appear in any cell. I have added a calculation box for each code...Now I need "what to put in" that box. Thanks for helping a newbie.


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Today, 22:42
Oct 28, 1999

not exactly sure what you're after. Are the codes already in a table and you're pulling them onto a form ( in which case you could use a query ) or are they now being added? If they're being added you could use an AfterUpdate event to check the value of the box for the relevant codes and either hide boxes on the form to keep track or create some variables .

Can you post more details.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
Sounds like you have a table structure problem. I think that instead of having one row with 31 columns you probably should have each a table where each column appears in its own row. That way you can use queries to manipulate the data rather than code. So, instead of:
Key, fld1, fld2, fld3, etc.
You would have
Key, fldType, value
Key, fldType, value
Key, fldType, value

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