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Mar 4, 2020

I've asked for help a few times on here recently and so thought I should try to contribute and hopefully give something back. So this would be my hello.

I'm a 44 year finance manager.

25 years ago I worked in our small family business and my non computer literate family needed a database.
I had a trial version of Lotus smartsuit so opened up Lotus Approach and over a period of about 3 months wrote a database and POS system for them.
I had no idea what I was doing but through trial and error (and some forums) I managed to get quite a complex system working nicely. It was overly complex but I didnt realise that at the time.

25ish years later the system is still being used but clearly Approach isn't available anymore and has many many compatibility issues.
I've not worked for the family business for about 20 years but they are struggling and so I've reluctantly agreed to re-write the whole system for them as there is no way of converting an approach database.

My work laptop has MS Office suit and so I'm attempting this with Access.

Its soooooo different to Approach and if I'm honest I've struggled quite a bit.
I'm around 3/4ths of the way through and its taken me about 5 months (in working full time as well so don't have bundles of spare time) to put together what would probably take someone who understands Access a few days.

So here I am. Hello.

Sometimes I'm frustrated at why Approach did things so simply but Access is a whole different way of thinking. Its needing me to unlearn a lot of old things; its really hard to get my head around Access.

Because I'm working through trial and error many times I will add something only to find that I've broken something else.
Today I added a job summary screen only to find that for some reason now the invoicing simply refused to work.
Fortunately I always keep backups and backups of backups and backups of backups of backups!

Well. Thats ts my story and why I'm here.

As a side note I actually really enjoy being creative and I really like working on database systems but not knowing what the hell im doing really does have its draw backs!

Many thanks


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Aug 30, 2003
Welcome James! Sounds like you've got backups covered. :p


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Oct 29, 2018
Hi. Welcome to AWF!

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